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The 4xFourArt 3-inch suspension kit is the premium suspension upgrade kit for Suzuki Vitara on the market today.

Known for its robustness, this kit has been tested for over 18 years both on-road and off-road and is the culmination of experience on every kind of terrain.

Many competitors around the world have used this kit for extreme off-road racing in rally raid, trial and trophy type of competitions. However, it is comfortable enough to be driven around town for shopping trips. The handling and cornering of the vehicle are not negatively affected by our kit.

The kit is designed for a full 3 inches of the lift even under full load. This means you will still get the full three inches even if your vehicle is fitted with steel bumpers, 2 x winches, roof rack, roll cage, 2 x spare tires, rock sliders and any other gear that you may have. It is possible to adjust the suspension according to your vehicle to get exactly the right height for optimum performance.

With our kit, it is possible to fit 31-32 inch tires. For this we also recommend our body lift kit, which will prevent your larger tires from wrecking your bodywork.  No drilling required.

This kit comes with standard 4XFA shocks. It can be purchased with 3 way manually Adjustable KONI Shock Absorbers for € 1660.-

All the parts are also sold separately, for price info please contact.

€ 1330.-               Color Options: Black (+50€), Yellow

4xFourArt Unique Details


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